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Life at Groveland

Our Activities

Enriching Lives Through Learning & Activities

At Groveland Park Care Home in Bexleyheath, we believe that an active and engaging lifestyle is at the heart of our commitment to providing exceptional care for our residents. This is why our activities programme and activities coordinators play a vital role in enhancing the day-to-day lives of our cherished residents.

Our activities and events are an integral part of our residents’ overall well-being, contributing significantly to their physical, emotional and mental health. Our carefully crafted activities are designed to provide a diverse and enjoyable range of experiences that foster a sense of belonging, purpose and connection within our community. From invigorating excursions into the local community to joyous festive parties that bring family and friends together, we offer a wide spectrum of activities that cater to the unique preferences and needs of our residents.

What We Do!

Arts & Crafts

We are always amazed by the skills our residents rekindle or develop during our craft sessions! Whatever their skill level is we are on hand to encourage and inspire.

Fun & Games

There is lots of healthy competition around the home on game night! Whether it’s Scrabble, chess or Trivial Pursuit, we’re bound to have your favourite games!

Outdoor Living

Our landscaped gardens are perfect for regular al fresco events such as barbecues, tea parties and evening drinks throughout the balmier seasons at Groveland Park.


We foster a strong sense of community, ensuring that our residents feel connected, engaged and supported. We encourage social interaction, shared experiences and a strong sense of belonging within our community.

Health & Fitness

A Haven For Wellbeing

Our wellness programme is crafted to cater to varying abilities, ensuring that residents have access to activities that not only enhance physical strength and flexibility but also contribute to overall mental wellbeing. With a focus on creating a vibrant and supportive community, we encourage residents to embrace an active lifestyle.


Ensuring the comfort of our residents is paramount. Our experienced physiotherapist focuses on posture, seating and mobility, promoting an active lifestyle.


Recognising the importance of foot health, our chiropodist partners conduct regular check-ups, offering valuable advice to raise awareness about maintaining healthy feet.

Physical Activity

We actively encourage residents to stay mobile and maintain an active lifestyle. From gentle aerobics to dancing, we believe in keeping the energy flowing at Groveland Park.

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Our Food

Delicious and Fresh for All to Enjoy

Food and drink are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That is why our chefs are the best in the business and offer a culinary experience that is second to none. This is not only for residents, but our fine dining room is also available for family and friends to celebrate those special occasions!

Your dietary requirements are all looked after and our chefs love to create something new for everyone to enjoy! With a dynamic and seasonal menu to choose from, there is always something delicious to tantalise your tastebuds. In addition to the restaurant, our bar bistro offers everything you need for that five-star experience, including a freshly mixed cocktail of your choice!

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